Richard Wright Rite Of Passage Summary

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Surviving Alone The ‘Rite of Passage’ by Richard Wright has a preeminent place in the literary world because this book teaches a lesson of survival, white power, and influence. Wright is an American author who wrote novels, poems, and short stories. He is best known for his book ‘Black Boy’ and ‘Native Son’. The book ‘Rite of Passage’ written by Richard Wright is about a 15 year old boy who has straight A’s in school and the people he has lived with all his life is not really his family, which leads to his debacle journey. As Johnny goes through this difficult stage in life he decides to run away not thinking about where he’s going to stay or how he’s going to get food. He decides to join a gang of orphans with his best friend Billy in order to survive. This novel is still widely read today because it provides an inhuman image of brutal conditions African Americans faced in Harlem of 1940’s. In the Rite of Passage, the main character Johnny is hit with some really bad news that his family that he’s been living with throughout his entire life is not really his own. In the text, Johnny comes home after getting a good report from school and his foster mother and sister tell him that he is not going to be living with them anymore. “Now. Johnny, you 're going to another home tonight. A good home. You 're going to live with another mother.” (Wright 13) When he saw the luggage he knew something was up and his mother was afraid to tell him what was going on. They then tell him
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