Richard Wright Vs Dubois

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I support both Richard Wright’s and Dubois’s perspectives. From my understanding, I saw both literature pieces describing the importance of African American self-expression in both art and propaganda. I believe the goal of both literature pieces were to explain the importance of expression in a society that hushed the African American and forced them to fill a stereotype that was mentally enslaving the creative minds of writers and artists. I personally support both of the author’s standpoints because neither Wright nor DuBois blamed any race in particular. Instead, the authors portrayed “a society in need of recalibration”, or in other words, everyone had to change. Specifically, I believe that much of the issues that were mentioned in both stories still relate to modern society, only in different aspects.…show more content…
Now, “Do they (African Americans) as creative writers taken advantage of their unique minority position (Wright 1404)”? Mr. Wright’s answer is “no”. I personally agree with this statement about using the opportunity of writing to spark a movement within the African American population. The problem being addressed is the gap between educated African American writers and the rest of the black population. DuBois in his “Criteria for Negro Art” explains the gap between the educated population and the rest of the population. The gap is largely due to the necessity to meet the white mans expectations in a (at the time) predominately white profession. Unlike Wright, who pin points specific flaws in society during the time of the Harlem Renaissance and offer solutions to those flaws, DuBois gives explanations as well as solutions. DuBois explains the struggles of becoming an artist as an African
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