Richard Wright's Argumentative Essay

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For countless years, there has been deliberate bigotry against people of color all around the world. However, today in America the social prejudice against the African American race has become almost entirely a thing of the past. Researchers argue that the discrimination people of color face has lessened over time and the barriers between whites and blacks have weakened. Education in America has changed significantly to benefit all races since the 1920’s. Education is an essential part in any person’s life no matter their race and every person should be able to receive the same opportunities. This may seem like an impossible goal however, this country has made many improvements regarding the subject of race in schools. Black children were…show more content…
His childhood consisted of many hardships and he faced racism first hand in the Jim Crow South. Since Wright’s time, racial tensions have gotten better and I expect the overall aspects of racial prejudice to continue to decrease over time. Education will most likely create more learning opportunities for all races and give every child a chance to succeed. For example, at Blue Valley Northwest we have clubs dedicated to include all races such as diversity club. Additionally, based on the progressively higher wages black people are receiving, I think the wage gap between the different races will close. Another feature of racism I believe will develop in America is family dynamics. Legalizing gay marriage was one event where relationships were greatly changed, and it reveals the advances we have made in society. I predict that interracial relationships will become even more common in the future of America and everyone will be able to love whomever they want without judgment. Society needs to stop avoiding this problem and start creating equal opportunities for all races because our actions today influence the future of America. Race problems will never be completely solved as long as humans have pride however, the problems can be minimized and people of all races can live together in harmony. No matter what race a person is, we all deserve the right to succeed and achieve our
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