Richmond International Airport Assessment Task 2

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Richmond International Airport Assessment PT 2 Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Richmond International Airport Assessment PT 2 Introduction Security is a major concern for international airports globally since they are a gateway to great trade, international relations and even tourist destinations (Attaccalite, Di Mascio, Loprencipe & Pandolfi, 2012). Richmond international airport has continually attracted more people with a turnover of about 3million travellers annually. According to Canale, Distefano and Leonardi (2005) various kind of individuals access the airport and this may expose it to various risks which include terrorism, vandalism and illegal access to the airport. This report evaluates the potential hazards that may relate to Richmond international airport how they may potentially affect business. The research also has a risk assessment matrix and the legal requirements for Richmond airport in following the right security measures plus recommendations on how to enhance its safety. The purpose of this report is to educate the airport administrators in Richmond international airport…show more content…
Any risks may alter movements of people within different states and countries, and this may potentially affect businesses. Terrorist attacks have a negative impact on the image of a country. People always tend to avoid countries that have had a recent terrorist attack because it indicates that the country has weak security measures and this may affect the economic activities and the gross domestic product. Preparing the airport staff in advance prepares them for any adversity they may face which means that they can handle it better once it occurs and even minimizes potential risks and dangers. Although natural calamity may not entirely be prevented, the airport can put in the right mechanisms to prevent the negative impact they
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