Rick And Murty Analysis

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Good (Evening, morning), etc., I’m Christopher Power, and I’ll be talking about critically acclaimed and personal favorite Television Show: Rick and Morty. With my interest in the show and the new season airing this year I thought an analysis of the philosophy of Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty chronicle the misadventures of the misanthropic mad scientist Rick Sanchez accompanied by his fretful and naive grandson Morty Smith. The duo split their time between interdimensional adventures across the universe and domestic family life. Rick and Morty follow the fundamental traditions of sci-fi horror, often paying homage to The Ghostbusters, filmmaker David Cronenberg, Nosferatu, and Freddy Kreuger. Although the exhibition pays homage to a vast spectrum of horror and sci-fi, it has a characteristic tendency for a traditional sci-fi sub-genre - cosmic horror. Developed by literary horror enthusiast H.P. Lovecraft, the cosmic horror genre accentuates the horror of what is outside our grasp to comprehend. Similarly to Lovecraft, Rick and Morty utilize cosmos the cosmos as a means to probe into philosophical questions by conceptualizing what hides in the depths of space.…show more content…
The culminated feeling of freight, dread, and disgust that we see as whatever lurks in the opaqueness of space suddenly collides with our reality. Rick’s portal gun continually confronts us with this unknown – as he jumps head first into other realities, the results are often horrifying, hysterical and commonly
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