Rick Blaine In Casablanca

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Casablanca Assignment In the 1942 film Casablanca we are introduced to the character Rick Blaine. When we first meet Rick, a café owner, he is portrayed as a selfish and self-centered person. He only cares about himself and is even quoted saying “I stick my neck out for nobody.” While we have no idea why Rick is this way, towards the beginning of the film, as the film proceeds we learn that his past has is what shaped him to be this way. Towards the middle of the film we learn that his one true love, Ilsa Lund, left him long ago breaking his heart. Rick allowed this experience to change him completely into a person that cares and trusts nobody but himself. However, once he and Ilsa run into each other years after their time together, Ilsa explains herself. She tells him what she had to choose between, him and her husband whom she thought to be dead. This allowed Rick to have some closer. He is able to let go of the anger Ilsa caused when she left him and to see the bigger picture.…show more content…
As I explained above, when we first meet Rick Blaine he is a selfish angered person haunted by his past. However, upon going over his experiences he is able to let go of some of that anger and be a better person. Just like the main character in Invisible Man. When we first meet Invisible Man in the prologue he is a bitter person angered at society for the way events in his life happened before. He is so effected by these events that he leaves society and goes into a “hole”. However after going over everything he went through he sees that they have allowed him to become better and see the way the world really is. This revelation allows him to leaves his “hole” and once again join
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