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Have you needed a specific trait to survive a horrible or terrifying experience? These three people have survived horrific events throughout their lives. Hyenseo Lee survived from escaping North Korea, Aron Ralston had his hand stuck under a rock for one hundred twenty-seven hours, and Rick Grimes survived a zombie apocalypse. The traits that these people had when they went through these tragic events were determination with Hyenseo Lee, intelligence for Aron Ralston, and leadership for Rick Grimes.
To begin, Hyenseo Lee used determination to get not only herself, but her family out of North Korea. Lee escaped from North Korea but she didn’t want to leave her family behind. When Lee was on the “Ted Stage”, she said,” The North Korean authorities
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Rick and his group was stuck in a train box at the place known to be called “Terminus”. But before Grimes and his second in command, Glenn, was going to be killed and eaten, Carol, a member from Grimes’ group, shot her AR-15 at a propane tank. Grimes led his group to safety before a gigantic horde of walkers (zombies) would eat them. Therefore, Grimes led his group out of Terminus to safety, while adapting to the situation. Grimes led the group through twists and turns where they never knew what was on the other side. Even though two members of Grimes’ group dies in later episodes, Grimes is still leading his band of survivors and his family to try and stop the zombie apocalypse. Grimes used his leadership to lead his group out of a dangerous and psychotic place. To sum up, the traits that these three people had during their events were determination for Lee, intelligence for Ralston, and leadership for Grimes. Lee used her determination to get her family out of North Korea. Ralston used his intelligence to survive six days in a canyon with his hand stuck under a rock. Grimes used his leadership to lead his group out of their impending doom. Those three people used those traits to go through their hardships. Could anyone survive those situations without those
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