Rick Moody's The Joy And Enthusiasm Of Reading

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Rick Moody is the author of “The Joy and Enthusiasm of Reading”, an article that gives examples of factors that influenced his way of thought about reading. He elaborates on open text and how he was taught tools from his prior teachers to better understand the text. Despite what critics have said, Moody insists that there will never be a right or wrong way to read a book. Moody illustrates reading through open text which focuses on individuality where every person has a different outlook and perception of life in this generation.
Individuality is a product of being and making everything in your life your own. Moody was right in this article because there isn’t a power in the world that can control how you read or how you comprehend it. He states, “You could spend a lifetime thinking about this sentence, and making it your own” (4). Every person in the world has a completely different outlook and view
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Each book is a portal to a world you interpret on your own and that is usually the authors goal. I believe that reading is a worthy topic of discussion for some people in this generation because reading itself is hard to pinpoint due to the vast amount of different interpretation of readers. It may be beneficial to discuss this topic for people who were never enlightened on the stigma of reading and have an intention of possibly changing the world’s idea of reading. Especially with the lack of reading that is happening throughout this current generation. Some may argue that we, as a society, are reading more than ever due to technology. However, when saying the word “reading” out loud, I perceive it as sitting with a hard copy of

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