Rick Owens Case Study

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Behind every successful man there stands a woman

Within twelve years Rick Owens corporation grew up from being an absolutely unknown brand, into “heard by everyone” big and powerful machine. Which is successfully functioning in fashion industry and widely spreading the brand codes between permanently increasing generations of followers. Additionally, it is bringing stable rising revenue which projected this year to surpass $120 millions. Moreover, all these achievements were reached without any outside investors involved. Whereas nearly every big fashion house belong to one of the foundations such as LVMH, Kerring. Which has absolute power over the brands, deciding its destiny only according to bringing profit and being useful for the whole
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While all organisational aspects were treat by Michele Lamy, Mister Owens was focusing on the hard work around his narrative, which he is still remaining with his collections nowadays. Furthermore it is quite difficult to imagine him deciding about every occurred problem and being in a business meting, because of his vulnerable soul inclined to creativity and history. When Michele Lamy has all required qualities and features to become the head of the corporation, giving the creativity freedom to Rick Owens while making important business decisions and running the entire process of collection making. In actual moment it seems that Mister Owens is managing brand on his own while not much people know the real conditions of building the house of Rick Owens. The question about Michele Lamy attitude to this process is still keeping not answered. We can only guess what else is on the mind of this great woman and what other plans she has for her husband. But now both Rick Owens and Michele Lamy are involved into the creative process. Michele is inventing extraordinary jewellery pieces during some seasons and designing items for recently opened limited furniture line, while Rick is…show more content…
Especially with the love and support Rick Owens is constantly receiving from his loving wife. The designer role become more strong and more influential in the fashion world. Consequently The future of the brand appeals brighter then the colors the designer is using in his authentic designs. In the same way as connection between the spouses is getting more solid and more strong with a flow of the
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