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Rick Perry, governor of Texas for the past 15 years, announced his campaign for president with the quote “We must do right and risk the consequences”. Perry stated this within a quote slightly directed to President Obama, footing how he seems separated from the rest of government and yada yada politics. The reason I chose this quote was not just how it equates to our current political standing, but how doing the right thing has its consequences. As such, I find the reason that a backlash exists to what 's right is because any view, right or wrong, will challenge someone as wrong, and no one wants to be wrong. This is evident in any war, whether over religion, political views, or just wanting to show why you’re the strongest. Humans want to be right, and in every scenario,…show more content…
One right war that comes to mind would be the Civil War. The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict America has been involved with, if you ignore the genocide of the natives, with around 1,100,000 casualties of American lives lost. Almost on the edge of killing the word “consequences”, from beating all its worth out of it. This war separated a nation on a single belief that slavery was morally wrong, and the only way to keep the union together was to abolish it. America was then agian known as a nation with sacrifice to what they perceived as right. Elaborating on that, the majority of wars America had participated in was for this greater good. Still, people fought for slavery and sacrificed themselves to this ideology that they were convinced to be the right. The word “right” then full a circle to what people think is moral rather than true. This also makes me ask if the difference between right and wrong is that right is moral, and wrong is what 's establish as right. Both side resulted with consequences from doing what was right, and both risked those consequences. This leads me to not disagree with Perry’s quote, but a hankering to revise it to “We must risk right, and accept the

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