Rick Perry: Governor Of Texas

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Rick Perry was elected governor of Texas in late 2000, when Governor George W. Bush resigned to become the president of the United States. Since I was allowed to choose one of ten governors from the modern era of the state government, I chose him for my essay because he has a great amount of integrity, he is a good man. Rick Perry was born on March 4, 1950. He is a wonderful man and he has been a great Texas Governor. But there is another reason that I selected him as my governor because from what I have read about him when he served as a governor of Texas from 2000-2015, there are some interested fact that caught my attention. Rick Perry’s actions as a governor has greatly impact the state of Texas. During his tenure, the state economies…show more content…
In 1900s, he served in the U.S Force flying C-130, and he left the U.S Force and came back to Texas. First, he was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1998. His career started to growing strongly at that time which he became served two terms as Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. At the same time, with responsibilities as the Texas House of Representatives for three terms. In 2002, he became the 47th governor of Texas and Perry won two more elections. In this paper, I want to focus on Rick Perry’s full term as the governor of Texas from 2000 to 2015 because this is the turned point of his timeline. Rick Perry decided to run for Governor of Texas as Republican after Governor George W. Bush elected president of the United States. He was elected in his own right to full terms and he won his first full term in 2002. Rick Perry left office on January 19, 2015 after a record of 14 years as the governor of Texas. He is the longest serving as the Texas’ chief executive in Texas history. According to Texas State Library & Archives Commission, Rick Perry was a good Governor of Texas, he was the one that made a difference for the state: “Governor Perry was recognized at the top of the list of "Ten People Who Have Made a Difference." Over the past years, Texas has done better than most of the other states. He has created many jobs for people…show more content…
Governor of State is the highest position but whenever need to do something important the governor always have to discuss with his Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House for joint decisions. In the list of “Executive Powers of Persuasion” in Texas Governors chapter, it wrote that the governor has military power which means the governor can give out the order to state’s military at any time that needed such as the governor could use the military for defense the state from the attack of outsiders or use the military for help states citizen from calamities such as flood, earthquake and so on. Governor might ask the Legislature to discussing and approving anything with his reasons. The “private school voucher” in Texas is the one of Rick Perry’s public policy failures because the Legislature has not passed. Every subjects that the governor wants to be pass need to approval by the legislature such as the budget or major bill. According to chapter 2: Articles of Texas Constitution, which we have discussed in class that said: “Texas Bill of Rights (Article 1) guarantees additional right not specifically mentioned in the US Constitution.” Which means the Texas Constitution doesn’t have much effective on the
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