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Phil Resch is the standard by which we compare and contrast Rick Deckard and his decisions. That is what makes him this story’s perfect villain as his very existence serves as an obstacle to Rick’s way of thinking about androids and his job as a bounty hunter. In the novel itself, we see Rick comparing and contrasting Resch’s actions to his own. By observing Resch and his behavior, Rick sees himself in the actions of the warped bounty hunter and the future he could become if he continues along the path he is going. When Rick notes Resch’s lack of empathy towards androids, he sees Resch as the perfect example of a bounty hunter and a terrible example of a human being. Observing Phil’s unease before undergoing the Voigt-Kampff test and the accompanying…show more content…
When Rick and Phil are at the museum after retiring Luba Luft, Rick comes to terms with what he is really dealing with. “In that elevator at the museum, he said to himself, I rode down with two creatures, one human, the other android…and my feelings were the reverse of those intended. Of those I’m accustomed to feel — am required to feel” (143). This realization is just the opposite of what was previously discussed for Phil’s behavior, further addressing the point that Resch is Rick’s antithesis. It was concluded in Do Androids Dream that Phil didn’t show empathy towards androids because he didn’t want to go against the norm, but this developed into a crueler more bloodthirsty hate against androids. In contrast, Rick discovered that he had stronger feelings for Luba Luft, the android, than for Phil Resch, a fellow human. This contemplation leaves Rick confused and depressed and allows him to recognize that with regard to human qualities, Luba Luft has surpassed Phil. This idea worries him because Resch is Rick’s foil, he sees himself in the twisted bounty hunter, leading Rick to wonder if one day even his human qualities will be surpassed by an
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