Rick Rubin: The Rise Of Hip-Hop

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The rise of hip-hop’s popularity within the last 30 years has been in part due to creative geniuses from all races and religions, but although making up a tiny fraction of the population, Jews were instrumental in its boom. When people think of Jews in hip-hop, the mind immediately thinks of the group of 3 white men from Brooklyn, the Beastie Boys, but there is a name that not many people may know of, but should. This name is Frederick Jay Rubin, better known as Rick Rubin. Rubin has amassed 8 Grammys over his career for his producing. Rick Rubin’s skills aren’t just limited to one genre, as he has produced for artists that range from Slayer to Adele. One of the biggest, if not biggest, labels in hip-hop, Def Jam Records, was co-founded by
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