Rick's Relationship In Casablanca

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1. In the movie Casablanca, Rick has a complementary relationship over most people. These people include Sacha, Carl, Sam, Ugarte, Abduhl and even Ilsa at some parts of the movie. Rick tells and makes decisions over most of the characters of the movie. Rick shows a complementary relationship with Ilsa is some situations, mostly while they reunite in Casablanca. Rick showed no mercy on Ilsa by making all the decisions and being stubborn about talking or forgiving Ilsa. While in Paris with Ilsa, her and Rick seemed to have a parallel relationship and towards the end of the movie while in Rick’s room when she is explaining why she lied. Rick and Louis seemed to have a symmetrical relationship due to the fact that they both have some sort of power by neither of them really use to on each other except at the end of the movie when Rick changes the dynamic of the relationship by using a gun even though the outcome is Rick and Louis both walk away satisfied. 2. Rick and Ilsa both demonstrate casual turning points in the movie Casablanca. Rick didn’t tell Ilsa what he was going to do as a plan to get both her and Victor out of Casablanca. According to the original plan that the two of them made, Rick would remain with Ilsa and Laszlo would be the one left…show more content…
The dialectical theory of connectedness versus autonomy is used by Ilsa and Rick in the movie Casablanca. When Ilsa and Rick first met they both wanted to be a little more independent and be their own individual. However, as the relationship grew Ilsa and Rick became more and closer towards the end of the movie. Their autonomy diminishes throughout the movie. Another example of the dialectic theory in the movie Casablanca would be openness and closedness. Ilsa does not reveal that most of her personal information to Rick when they first met, she even says to him, “No questions” when he asked her a personal question in Paris. Ilsa does not want to reveal such personal information yet she wants to be intimate with
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