Ricochet River Symbolism

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In Ricochet River by Robin Cody, Wade Curren is a seventeen year old, senior in highschool. Who lives in the small town of Calamus, Oregon. Wade is a very relaxed, laid back person, ace pitcher and shortstop for Calamus high school, all around good guy with a quirky, cute girlfriend and a supportive family. All american teenager. When it comes to his future, he thinks he knows what he wants, when it actually begins to unfold, he is so unsure.
The white stone, introduced in the very beginning of chapter 19, represents Wade Curren’s future, it’s there, it’s seen clear as day, then when one reaches for it, it’s truly unattainable. Wade tells the readers in the beginning of chapter 19,
“Like a white stone in clear lake water, you might float over it and think, that’s pretty. I’ll reach down and get it. But it’s deeper than you thought. You can’t reach it. Your hand has rippled the surface, and now you can’t even see the white stone anymore. But you know it’s there.” (Cody 185) The reader can infer that Wade is not just speaking about any old rock in a creek. The Author, Robin Cody, is using symbolism, something used in so many fantastic novels. The white stone is something pretty, yet
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You reach for it. Your hand ripples the surface, and then you can’t see the white stone anymore.” (Cody 197) In between pressure and expectations, Wade’s perception is blurred as to what his desires truly are. much like the ‘ripples on the surface’, when water ripples you can not see the bottom or into the water as well as when it is still. he thinks he sees it, when he goes for it, it still seems so out of reach like not being able to see the white stone. The White stone represents Wade Curren’s future. Not only his future though, his present. Reaching for the white stone is symbolic of his present, not being able to reach it or even see it at anymore, is like his future. unattainable, but you know it is
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