Riddick Character Analysis

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Riddick as a character is bad he has a code of conduct that makes him evil but gives him qualities that some would consider good. Through the movie he has chances to do good things but he considers himself a loner and there for doesn't care about anyone else. At moments he could be described as a psychopath with no emotional grief who likes to see others suffer or at least enjoys messing with people before killing them in horrible and sudden ways. Always one step ahead of his opponent, Riddick constantly shows his prowess as a warrior and often times as a problem solver constantly anticipating his opponents moves . In the movie The Chronicles Of Riddick, Riddick is described by the narrator as a evil of another kind. Starting the movie like this puts the watcher in a state of mind that Riddick is the hero that they universe needs but not wants. As the movie progresses you see Riddick in his natural state running thru snow and wind as he is chased by a hover craft he always seems to be one step ahead of them and when they enter a cavern he kills most of the mans crew. Almost taunting the main bounty hunter.…show more content…
For Riddick to say this is a crack in the hard and un moving man that is described as a monster that feels nothing and cant be killed. As the movie comes to a close, Riddick Is faced with a choice fight or flight. He had the option to run and hide on some far off planet but, he choses to save his friend and stop the main villains. This is why I think Riddick is a hero. However, in most scenes in the movie he has proven that he is not a hero. From killing indiscriminately to outsmarting and leaving people to die he shows that he isn't the hero that everyone wants him to be. One of the points that this is most evident is the scene where to save his friend Kera he kills one of the guards that attacks her when he didn’t have
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