Riders Persuasive Speech

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Well we are here at Glen Helen Motocross Nationals in San Bernardino California. An it 's a real hot gloomy day out here. The riders are going to have a rough time keeping hydrated and keep in shape for this track. The race isn 't today it 's just a fan based thing today but the riders are looking at the track to see what they 're up for. All the riders want the win here because it means your a champion in this sport. Well we got the three contenders but Adam is ahead in points he just don 't need to make any mistakes and focus. Adam cianciarulo is the points leader and right behind him is Ryan dungey and Justin barcia is is in third right now. All three of these guys are heck of riders they have battled it out the whole season. This is all it comes down to this race…show more content…
So Tomorrow is the day of the big race and you can feel it. Because everybody is posting stuff on social media, everybody 's talking about on the radio, and it 's on the Tv also. The riders really need to stay calm and collective on this because if you get to nervous that 's when most of the mistakes happen. The riders really need to stay positive and confident in their ability to ride a dirt bike the fastest and stay in shape. They wouldn 't be able to afford an injury right now cause that just makes them not one hundred percent on race day. In this race is already have odds stacked against them so it would slim their chances way down even it 's still possible for them to win. So today is the day all the fans are pumped for the race this what it comes down to this race right here. The riders better be on there A game if they want to win this championship. So the race is about to start the riders are getting there gates. The fans are screaming and the gates drop in thirty seconds and the adrenaline is pumping. So Adam gets the whole shot an leads the first three laps but Ryan and Justin are closing are in on him. Well hopefully the pressure don 't get to him and he stay stay focused and
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