Riding Off Into The Sunset Analysis

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Introduction to Riding Off Into The Sunset I think that I began writing at a very young age around the age of six or ten. I have included my first short story about my grandfather. Before Riding Off Into the Sunset, I imagined I was a raisin and wrote about being one. Really it wasn’t a precious piece of writing and I intended it to be that way. Over the years people enjoyed my writing and especially this piece for some reason. Even though my raisin story won over my audience by it humor and appeal. I can honestly say this was the first time that I saw how important my audience was. Really I didn’t think about how much of an importance and huge impact that an audience can have on your writing. I did not realize that this huge impact makes a story or book sell or not sell including exposure. Since that time I have wrote over ten short books and many have sold. When you are nine years old a raisin story is pretty cool, it just so happens that when I wrote the story about the California Dancing Raisins who were very popular at the time. Since I came from such a small agricultural town…show more content…
However, one thing that remains the same about him is that he is still the same old cowboy he was forty-years ago. I really didn’t realize he was the same old cowboy he used to be at first. Hi, my name is John and I am ten years old and and this is my first story. This concept (sorry that is a big word) came to mind after I recently viewed a new cowboy movie on television. I was very disappointed in its depiction of cowboys and it seems that most people today have no idea what cowboys are and what they did and have done for America. After viewing this movie, I thought about my grandpa and all the other old cowboys out riding on the range and all the cowboys who have busted their butts for America. It seems to me that not too many Americans are living the cowboy way of life

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