Rifleman Dodd Summary

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The background of the book RifleMan Dodd by C.S Foster takes place in the Napoleonic Wars. It 's about this English RifleMan who finds himself behind enemy lines of the French when his regiment was ordered to retreat. He attempts to turn back and catch up with his unit however French patrols cut off his route. the book goes into the details of Dodd 's journey within the now controlled French territory and how he finally managed to reunite with his regiment. Dodd 's bravery and commitment to carry out his duty with little promise of hope to survive was inspirational. To continue the fight in the case of extreme adversity is what most likely landed Foster 's book on the Commandants reading list. For it highlights all the traits a Marine should look for and carry with them. Dodd becomes surrounded by the French as they advanced into Portugal. While he must focus on not only survival, but also aiding his allies from further assaults by continuing his duty as a rifleman. Struggles consisting of enemy troops, locals, and starvation, plagued Dodd while putting together a plan to go around the enemy to rejoin his ranks. Dodd also feared the British held territory may be knocked down to a final defense. So he chose to engage the…show more content…
Reading through Dodd’s tale and how he comes to terms that he will likely not survive but still marches is admirable. The story reveals how his bravery, problem solving capabilities, and determination played a key role to overcoming hardships. Riddled in and out of the book are moral decisions that play on the readers emotions and own ethic 's. Such as feeding the local boy while his own rations are meager. I believe Dodd to be a content person however his commitment to duty makes him maintain a more rigid shell. To further relate to Dodd, the sense of belonging he experiences towards the end of the book with his comrades is a feeling I myself have at home. To be amoungst your own after periods of isolation or solidarity is a refreshing
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