Right Back In The Water Music Analysis

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Music is so important in everyday life. Most people today would listen to a song and not realize all of the thought that goes into songwriting. Many do not realize that there are reasons that they are particularly drawn to a song and what makes it catchy. The song Right Back in the Water by Jesse McCartney encompasses all of the elements of music, which draws people to a song. Three of the most important elements of music that are represented in Right Back in the Water are texture, form, and melody.
The Elements of Music Texture in a particular piece of music can be described as the relationship between ideas in a piece of music (Kristine Forney and Joseph Machlis 2011,26) . Texture is important because it differentiates songs from
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It is where all the elements are combined to describe the structure of the piece. The song repeats the chorus multiple points to get the point across that he believes that he has made a mistake. The repetition is important because it helps get the point across to the listener. In the beginning, the song is slow and gradually builds up, at (0:31), as the chorus progresses then comes back down to be calmer at (1:11). When the chorus comes back, the song builds up again and falls again. Then is quickly brought back up and falls another time.
At the end of the song, there is a piano solo. This shows that throughout the song there is a Three-part form, or tertiary form, because there is a statement, departure, and a return in the music (Kristine Forney and Joseph Machlis 2011, 31). This type of movement in note variation makes the song more interesting to the listener, so they do not get bored of the same notes over again. The melody is a described as the most easy to recognize part of a song because it is simply a group of tones (Kristine Forney and Joseph Machlis 2011, 9). In Right Back in the Water, there is a melody from 0:32-1:07 which shows that the contour is very wavelike and so there is a lot of movement creating a more disjunct. At 2:00, the melody changes. It is still wave like, but the range is far greater than the rest
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The song has always been listened this way. It is a calm song that is easy to listen to as well as catchy. It is pathologically sound and is helpful when someone just needs to revert to a song to help settle emotions. Right Back in the Water was created as an emotional escape from Jesse McCartney. He gets his emotions out in the open about this difficult situation that he is having with a girl. He wants to help the audience to relate to his struggles and encourages people to go after the things they want even though it will be difficult. I casually listen to this song. I personally enjoy the piano in the song. It gives the song dimension as well as adding to the emotion. I really enjoy how the song starts out really slow as if there is no hope for the guy to get the girl, but then there is a crescendo that almost makes it seems like there is a new boost of confidence as well as a little bit of anger, then he returns back to the slower, softer tempo as if he has kind of given up. To me, the rhythm of this piece of music gives additional emotional effect.
The elements of music can be applied to every song whether it is classical, country, rap, or pop. They make song more interesting to listen to. Also, different songs have different styles. Right Back in the Water by Jesse McCartney was analyzed to prove that the elements can be applied to all types of Western Music, not just classical music. The style of

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