Right Liberation In Jainism

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Moksha (Liberation) is their primary difference. For Jainism to achieve this moksa, you need Three Jewels, namely, [1] Right Faith, [2] Right Knowledge, and [3] Right Conduct. According to Jainism, Right Faith is when on believes in real existence [tattvas]. Right Knowledge is when the knowledge that a person have is knowledge of the real nature of things without error or doubt. This is strikingly different from the notions of the Hindus, that the only way to acquire that kind of Knowledge is when you are one with the Ultimate Reality, which is Brahman. Right Conduct is when one practices the five virtues, namely: [1] Ahimsa (Non- Violence), [2] Satya (Honesty), [3] Asteya (Non-Stealing), [4] Brahmacharya (Chastity), [5] Aparithgraha (Renunciation).…show more content…
One must strive to be in this light in order for one to achieve liberation, so that one can be in a state of release. To live is to strive and try to achieve perfection, using the three jewels as the means. Death is viewed as the ultimate release from the bondage of this world. It is the ultimate release; the soul is separated from its body. However not every death is the final release. When one attains perfection in this life can one, only become separated from its body. Only when one achieves the perfection of the soul can one transcend from the material world into the invisible, immaterial realm. Background on Charvaka Materialism Charvaka Materialism also called as Lokayata. This Indian school of thought emerged as a reaction against the Vedic natural religion, against the rituals and sacrifices. Charvaka Materialism is the most different and far from all other Indian School of thought. For Charvaka opposed the common belief of the immortality of the soul and life after death. For them, matter, is of utmost importance. “As Matter all beings exist and to Matter all beings depend and return,” said Brigue, one of the…show more content…
For them, this is the only life you have therefore have fun with it as much as you can. They do not believe that there is a world aside from what we have now. And they do not believe that emotions and feelings can be separate from man, that is why we can only lessen suffering not eradicate it. Life must be filled with pleasure and wealth. This pleasure is not about the pleasure of the body alone, not only about carnal pleasure, this is pleasure of the finer things in life. And considering that life after death does not exists then man, needed to find his happiness and enjoyment in the here and now. However, this is not a call for them to kill a person, if that is where their happiness arises, this happiness and enjoyment is of true happiness and not some freedom to do anything they wished. Life in this world must be lived happily and dutifully. Meaning one must strive for happiness yet not depriving others of their own

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