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Finding a Mentor A mentor is someone who can greatly benefit you throughout your life. They are the ones who will guide you as you work, attend school or in other areas of your life. There are many ways that a mentor can be present in your life. For example, it can be in the form of a professional and a novice relationship. It is also possible for a mentor be simply be a friend or a role model. The exact relationship between you and your mentor is completely up to you. Sometimes finding the right mentor takes some time and effort, however. This guide will help you through this process and teach you how to find a mentor that will benefit you the most. Be sure to follow these instructions when looking for your mentor. Type of Mentor The first…show more content…
This will help you to be successful as you travel through your career and in your personal life as well. Look for someone who has a good reputation and that can offer your some great advice for your career. You can also find great advice from people that you interact with on a regular basis. Finding the Right Mentor After you have decided the type of mentor that you are looking for, decide what role you want your mentor to take in your life. Take time to think about any issues or requirements that you may have regarding the area that the mentor will be aiding you with. You should also consider what you want to learn as well as what you are looking to gain from your mentor. Next, you should make a list of people who could make potential mentors for you. Look for someone that you admire and enjoy being around them. Also, don’t be afraid to aim high. Consider writing a letter or scheduling a meeting with a powerful person in order to determine if a mentorship would be possible. Some companies and schools also have a mentor program that you should consider. When you develop your list of mentors, you should begin by thinking about what you will say when you meet them. Develop a conversation that you can have in order to learn if they are interested in being your mentor. Keep the Relationship
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