Right Of Passage Analysis

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An example of a life-changing milestone or right of passage in a person 's life is something that changes a person in multiple different ways. When I was younger, I would always hear my older brother Jay, ask my grandparents if he could drive the four wheeler, and always hearing him ask finally inspired me to try and ask to see if I could drive it. Believe me when I say I was persistent in asking. My grandparents, they never heard the end of it from me. One day I asked again, with so much hope that I would lose if they said no. I walked up to them ever so slowly and in the sweetest quietest voice they ever heard from me, I gave it a shot and asked once more. ¨Can I please please pleaseeee learn to drive the four wheeler ?¨ I watched them look…show more content…
The moment I was out of the garage I was ready to go I knew how to do the rest so my grandfather got on and got ready for me to drive. As I pulled away from the house I got happier and happier, my smile got bigger and bigger. I was going about 10MPH but I was staying on the trail, and that 's all my grandfather and I genuinely cared about. We drove around for a while just looking at the woods. Once we got back to the house, it was almost dark. I pulled the garage door open and let my grandfather put it back in the garage. When we walked inside I felt so proud of myself, mostly just proud in general. My grandmother had dinner ready by the time we walked in, and she asked how it all went. I looked at my grandfather and all he said was ¨She did amazing, better than her brother.¨ I smiled, I was so filled with joy when he said that I did better than Jay. In the end, a life changing event that happened in my life was learning to drive the four wheeler and my grandparents actually letting me. It was difficult at first to learn to learn more about driving the four wheeler but over time, it got easier as I kept working on it and kept practicing. Driving the four wheeler made me feel more mature, but little did I know that I actually did become more mature before learning to show my grandparents that I could be trusted and be responsible enough to
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