Right Sided Heart Failure Essay

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Right-sided heart failure is when the cardiac muscle on the right side of the heart becomes too weak to pump a sufficient amount of deoxygenated blood to the lungs. It is usually a complication of various conditions including lung diseases such as emphysema. This means that less oxygenated blood is taken from the lungs by the pulmonary veins and transported to the left side of the heart to then be pumped around the body. It can also produce a back-up of blood in the vessels within the body. This failure to pump sufficient blood to the lungs results in a build-up of fluid, which is known as oedema. Oedema is when fluid builds up in tissue and causes it to swell. The swelling can be general or in one specific part of the body. It is more common in the ankles and feet. When it is found here it is called peripheral oedema. A leg oedema can be caused by a gradual build-up of fluid. Pulmonary oedema can occur when fluid builds up quickly in the lungs.

Digitalis medication aims to assist the heart by strengthening it slightly and
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The two types of dialysis are haemodialysis which uses a machine to filter the blood and the second is peritoneal dialysis which uses the abdomens inner lining as a filter instead of a machine. They are both effective in removing the excess fluid and waste products from the blood. The main difference between the two is the frequency in which sessions have to be conducted which is a reflection on how quickly they work. Haemodialysis is usually completed in short sessions a few times a week, this is due to the sessions of treatment lasting longer and it working quicker than peritoneal dialysis, it also requires a hospital visit for each session. Whereas peritoneal dialysis needs to be performed daily this is because it is gentler than haemodialysis, it is able to be completed within a person’s home and doesn’t require a hospital visit.

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