Right To Bear Arms Arguments

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“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The second amendment was created to make sure that state militias were able to continue to be armed for defense and also make sure that individuals that were citizens had a right to own guns. When the first ten amendments(the bill of rights) were fabricated, the American people were convinced that we needed militias to protect our free state. Today our government is very strong with our defense and military and we no longer depend on our militias. The second amendment is one of the most strongly debated amendments in the bill of rights. Some American believe that this amendment protects the right…show more content…
They say that people have the right to form militias. People that the people who wrote the second amendment were not saying that people had individual rights to actually bear arms, they only believe that the writers were saying that they have a right for state militia’s and this theory is called the collective rights theory. The people who believe in this theory are more like the Anti- Federalists. They look at the Militia Act of 1792 when they talk about this theory to try to prove points that it was only made for militias. State militias were not always effective. In the war of 1812 for example. The Britians fought the americans and the militias were called upon. Many states did not show up or did not send the amount of people that they asked for. They were very low on numbers and the British got into our territory and burned down the White House and Capitol building. Many joined the national guard. The new forces drove the Britians out and the war was over in 1814. Guns are a crucial part of everyday life, but still more common for people apart of the militia was still common. Gun ownership was apart of people's personal lives as they were used for protection, defense, slave rebellions and also the hunting of
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