Right To Bear Arms Research Paper

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There were times when things were rough for the people living as pilgrims in the old days. If it was hard rough times working for independence, the starting of their food, or the hardest, defending their homes. Since those times we have used weapons to protect the things we held dearly or fight for the things we wanted. These things were huge aspects to our starting of becoming the nation we are, but the second amendment ( right to bear arms) has been in debate for nearly a century and to this day people still strive for the understanding of the right to bear arms. In order to go deep into the meaning of our right to bear arms, you must know the basics. The right to bear arms gave us the power to bear arms to protect our constitution. Many civilizations like the British did not allow their civilians to bear arms giving them absolute power. The writers of the constitution wanted the citizens to be able to protect their rights. It also states that we have the right to a Militia, which to date is our national guard. When you get into politics and maybe ask someone about the second amendment two things will pop up, the individual right, or the right to a militia. For a century and a half this has been debated on and people to this day are still trying to debate on its real meaning. For 50 years it was stated to be the rights for malita. But in 2008 with the District of Columbia v. Heller, the supreme…show more content…
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