Right To Freedom Of Speech In India

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The paper deals with one of the most debatable topic of the country that is right to freedom of speech and expression and rising cases of hate speech in politics and role of media in it. The Indian Constitution makes the “right to freedom of speech and expression” a fundamental under Article 19(1)(a) .The Constitution guarantees every citizen the right of freedom of speech and expression but not the right to offend anyone’s sentiments .
With various examples of recent instances, it is proven in the paper that there is a rise in hate speech during elections. Many political leaders are accused of giving hate speeches during elections just to gain the sympathy of their vote bank. But they forget that it may end up in apathy in the society. In many cases, people get involved just to get the limelight. The research further explores why hate speech mongers go unpunished. Instances where hate speeches do not get noticed and punished are a greater threat to the social and religious harmony of the country than that which is covered by mainstream media. The Research in a nutshell discuss about the various laws in different acts.

Key words: hate speech, free speech, media, Indian Constitution, Political leaders

Present Landscape of Freedom of speech and expression and Relating Laws in India

We have freedom of speech, but you got to watch what you say.
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