Right To Spank Children

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Do you think that parents should have the right to spank their child as a form of punishment? I believe that parents should be able to. Spanking help teach the child that certain actions have consequences. It also help the child to improve their behavior, because when they are acting inappropriately they get spanked and hopefully it teaches them to not act that way. Parents should have the right to spank their child as a form of punishment. The idea behind spanking a child is that it will help improve their behavior. There have been studies showing that people who were spanked as a child are more successful. They are also more likely to volunteer to help others. Also people who were spanked as children tend to be more disciplined. They have more control over their emotions. They have passed an act in Massachusetts called Commonwealth Vs. Dorvil. This is a common rights law. It states that a parent has the right to spank their child. The parent must…show more content…
One reason is that you should love and respect them enough to punish them when they are misbehaving. This also helps teach the child that they need to have self-control. They need to know that if they are throwing tantrums and fits in public that they will be punished. It will also help set standards of how they are to behave out in public and how to respect their parents. There are several people who say that you should never hit your child. They say that it teaches them to become hitters. I understand why you would think that but also if a parent only yells at a child they will think that they are able to get away with more than if you spanked them. Another reason that people think you shouldn’t spank your child is that they will not be able to dissolve conflict in a peaceful manner and will always resort to violence. I think that sometime that may be true but it is also a parent’s job to teach them how to resolve conflict in a nonviolent
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