Right To Work States Pros And Cons

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1. Discuss the pros and cons of state right-to-work laws. How many states are right-to-work states? Is Tennessee?

Right to Work States prohibits Union security agreements; Unions cannot force employees of non-Union companies to become a unionized organization or members, pay dues and fees as a condition of employment. Right to Work states, allows employees if they elect, to be members of a Union (Shriberg, 2012, pp. 231-233). Currently, there are 25 Right to work States, and Tennessee is a Right to Work State. The textbook uses a 2002 survey, depicting 22 Right to Work States, increasing by three States over the past decade. Right to Work States has created two new categories of employees, free riders and cheap riders. Free riders are employees
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Unions are concerned with affordable healthcare acts affects their ability to increase union membership, and the ability to maintain union dues. Additional costs associated with affordable healthcare act cannot be passed to members, directly or indirectly. Negotiating the increased costs may offset wage negotiations in the future. Unions are not happy with the outcome of the affordable healthcare act (iam141, 2010, pp. 1-3). Union members and union leaders were generally in support of the Affordable Healthcare act during its development. Unions supported the idea of ACA and its goals of providing universal coverage, lower costs of care, and higher quality of care. Unfortunately, the ACA affected union health funds and unions were not able to win special protection for their members. Furthermore, unions were not able to delay the implementation of the “Cadillac Tax” (UPMC, 2014). Unions continue to be frustrated with the implementation of the ACA and the effects it has…show more content…
Teams can create solutions to problems in shorter time than individuals can do on their own. A team’s ability to see the solution through its implementation with collaboration is critical for success. This increases quality of a product to negate problems as they occur (Kokemuller, 2010). Communication between team members increase allowing more understanding and ideas to emerge. Relationships are built giving team members a sense of purpose and the ability to communicate more freely. Employees can voice their opinion affecting the projects outcome; therefore, job satisfaction increases due to their ability to make a

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