Right Triangles Case Study

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Solution of Right Triangles

I. Solve each right triangle ABC with  C = 90o. (Draw the required figure and label the parts )

1. A = 46⁰ 37’ 2. a =12.45 c = 27 c = 21.44

III. Problem Solving
Solve the following problems, If possible draw the figure and label the parts;

1. 5.5 meters from the base of a mango tree its top was sighted as forming 390 with the ground. Find the height of the tree.

2. A 6-m
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If possible, draw the required figure: 1.There is a tree at the main gate of MSC, the height and shadow of which are exactly the same at 3PM. The distance from the top of the tree to the tip of the shadow is 14.15 ft. Find the height of the tree.

2. A farmer –cooperator in an agricultural research wishes to fence a field in the form of right triangle. If one angle is 30o and the hypotenuse is 100m, find the cost of fencing the field if each meter of fencing material costs him 80 pesos?

3. A 7 meter bamboo pole is leaning against a coconut tree. The foot of the pole is 3m from the base of the tree. What angles does the pole make with the tree if the pole reaches up to the top of the tree? (see figure).

4. A ladder of a fire truck can be turned to a maximum angle of 700 and can be extended to a maximum length of 25 meters. If the base of the ladder is mounted on the fire truck 2 m above the ground, how high above the ground will ladder
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At a point 5.5 meters from the MSC building and a horizontal line with its base, the angle of elevation of the top of the building is 58o.How high is the building?

Solution: Let h = height of the MSC building,  = 58o and d = 5.5 m Draw the figure:


h =? S

C 58o

d = 5.5 m

Formula: tan  = opp. = h adj. d

tan 58o = h 5.5

h = 5.5 ( tan 58o) h = 5.5 ( 1.600335 ) h = 8.8 m. ( the height of the building)

3. The angle of depression from an airplane to its landing area at the Gasan Airport is 64o. If the altitude of the airplane is 1600 meters, find the distance from the plane to the landing area A (Airplane)
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