Terrorism And Counterterrorism Challenges

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1. Terrorism is becoming global serious threat to international peace and stability. Many countries around the world experienced terrorist attacks over past decade and several thousand innocents people have lost their lives, others were injured and property worth of billions of money have been destroyed.

2. As the author of this paper defines terrorism, terrorism is deliberate destructive, terrifying, and life taking acts that the perpetrators undertake without any legal justification. Terrorists may also act with intention to confuse or coercively justify their groundless wants.

3. According to oxforddictionaries.com (2014), terrorism is the unofficial
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As far as Rwanda is concerned, they were relatively frightening grenades attacks which caused more injuries and few deaths. However, due the national police in partnership with other Rwandan security agencies including Rwanda Defense forces, perpetrators were arrested and taken to justice to answer charges. Currently there is a significant hope that terrorist attacks are likely to be controlled and possibly countered in timely manner.

6. This paper focuses on discussing terrorism trends in Rwanda, Types of terrorism, Types of terrorism, and Effects of terrorism on the economy, Counterterrorism Challenges, as well as recommend the way forward.


7. The aim is to discuss terrorism threat in Rwanda and ultimately to propose counterterrorism mechanism that can both help Rwandan Security agencies to effectively deal with this very challenging issue to people’s lives and their properties. Also, a regional counterterrorism framework will be suggested in order to effectively deal with terrorist threats.


8. Rwanda is country is an offshore country bordering with four countries including Tanzania in the east, Uganda in the north, Burundi in the south east and DRC in the west. The terrorist events first occurred in 1998 when US Embassies in Nairobi and Dares Salaam were attacked. This barbarous act killed hundreds of people and may others
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Alternatively, GoR cooperates with other east African countries and international community to fight negatives forces including FDLR, Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), the Lord’s Resistance Amy (L R A), Forces Nationales de Libération (FNL) that pose a serious threat to regional peace and stability.


16. As handofreason.com (2011) asserts, the most known terrorism acts are classified in different way according to the level of terrors. For this paper, the focus is to highlight the act of terrorist as “the use of violence to physically and psychologically terrorize a population by an individual or a group in order to draw attention to a cause, enact political change, or gain political power”. The classification given and characteristics are described below:

a. State terrorism
17. State terrorism is the systematic use of terror by a government in order to control its population. Not to be confused with state sponsored terrorism, where states sponsor terrorist groups. It is entirely carried out by the group holding power in a country and not a nongovernmental organization. It is the original form of terrorism. Examples of this type of terrorism may include but not limited to use of violence by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds or even the suppression of democratic protestors in

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