Right Wrist Case Study

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Reason for Visit: s/p ESI X 5 visits; Right Wrist Strain
S: TM reports his right wrist pain at 0/10 with movement 4/10. His right wrist pain is caused by extension of his right, causing ganglion cyst to put pressure on the dorsal portion of the right wrist. TM describes this pain as "throbbing," with movement.
Informed the patient is a non-occupational issue and not an occupational issue; follow up with PCP, TM verbalized the understanding.
O: inspection of right wrist, noted ganglion cyst, increased pain with extension of the right wrist, full ROM, Radial and ulnar pulses 3+.
A: Right Wrist Ganglion Cyst
P: Follow up with PCP
Disposition: Full Duty

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