Rights And Social Structure Of Women In Antigone By Sophocles

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The rights and social structure of women
The play Antigone written by Sophocles, is a story about a young woman who breaks the decree law by burying her brother, and is being punished for disobeying the law. She thought what she did was right, even if it meant there was a consequence such as putting her life at risk. Creon, the recent new king of Thebes, and also the young girls, Antigone 's uncle found out that she broke the law and sentenced her to death. She is willing to do anything to carry on with her plan of giving her brother, Polyneices an honorable and proper burial. Since Creon gave their brother Eteocles a proper one, she believes that he is wrong for not giving Polyneices one. Antigone goes against the rules of society because of her bravery, and chooses that she wants to be a voice for all women, because in Greek society women don’t have a say on what they can and can’t do. Her bravery helps her rebel against those rules so they have equal rights compared to men.
When Ismene hears what Antigone is planning she is worried because she is afraid to disobey the men who expect highly of her. She feels women are ruled by men because they are weak and Antigone has asked Ismene to help her in breaking the law, and to giving her brother a proper burial. By doing so Ismene knows that the law Creon has established is going to be broken. She tells Antigone, “We are only women, we cannot fight men” (Prologue 48). Ismene believes that women are in no position to question the
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