Columbine High School Shooting Analysis

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On April 20, 1999, not only American people but also the whole occidental world were rocked by the unfortunately news about the massacre perpetrated by two high-school students against their classmates in USA, Columbine High School, which had as result twelve dead students, one dead teacher and twenty four students were wounded. This fact generated a tremendous shock: two teenagers shot their classmates, they were armed with two rifles, one semiautomatic carbine, other powerful gun more and a pump of propane; finally they committed suicide. The question arises: why did this tragedy happen? Of course, there were a lot of voices with the possible answers. One of the most prominent and that during many years causes controversy was of Michael Moore throughout his documentary called metaphorically Bowling for Columbine. The director-writer-narrator attempts to explain why the United States ' violent crime rate is substantially higher than of other nations. In this essay, we will analyze his three main theories which these are reflection of a society in complete decaying.
The tragedy and declarations of American people about this type of facts occurred show that they, on
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Therefore, the first victims of this mass killing were the perpetrators. They did not have the fault, nor their parents, teachers or classmates; nobody particularly had fault itself; it was the sum of everything. Those teenage of sick minds just were born and grew in a wrong place for them, a hostile environment, where to kill is part of life. Actually, the same day of Columbine massacre, by order of President Bill Clinton, American troops bombarded Kosovo, a regular practice framed within the foreign policy of

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