Human Rights Of Disabled Person Essay

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all the fundamental rights upheld by the charter and other human rights instrument such as International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant on Economic , Social and Cultural Rights . Disability is perhaps the area in which the importance of recognizing the individuality and interdependence of human rights and fundamental freedom as both covenants do is most evident and sharp. In modern global society , the rights of disabled have got source in the drafts of UN prepared with the passage of time and the requirement of such person. Today the entire range of disability rights has been advocated in various instrument, protocol and convention. The rights of individual with disabilities are grounded in human right…show more content…
Declaration on the Right of disabled Person, 1975
This declaration adopted by UN General Assembly is the first international document that tried to define the term “disability”. The Declaration includes a number of social and economic rights as well as civil and political rights. Proclaim this declaration on the Rights of Disabled Person and calls for national and international action to ensure that it will be used as a common basis and frame of reference for the protection of these rights:
1.The term "disabled person" means any person unable to ensure by himself or herself, wholly or partly, the necessities of a normal individual and/or social life, as a result of deficiency, either congenital or not, in his or her physical or mental capability
2. Disabled persons shall enjoy all the rights set forth in this Declaration. These rights shall be granted to all disabled persons without any exception whatsoever and without distinction or discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, state of wealth, birth or any other situation applying either to the disabled person himself or herself or to his or her
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