Rights Of Victims In America Essay

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In 1976 Nova was formed and it is the oldest national victim assistance organization and is largely well known within the U.S. This organization is a private, charitable and non- profit organization. Its main function is to have compassion with the victims and be respectful to one another. The Victims’ Rights fought hard to get these rights to become a law. One of the biggest turn around was when President Clinton spoke about it in his speech on June 25th, 1996. Within his speech, he wrote: (Wallace; Roberson 15)
Having carefully studied all the alternatives, I am now convinced that the only way to fully safeguards the rights of victims in America is to amend out Constitution and guarantee these basic rights. Be told about public court proceedings
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The silent victims that can speak up or seek help. These are the people that need a voice when the abuser, hurts or eventually kill them.
The one I can relate to the most and believe has had the most impact on victims of crime and within each 50 United States, “Violence Against Women Act.” In February, 2013 the United States Congress acted on the need of preventing domestic abuse and the need for a national re-enactment of VAWA which was enacted in 1994. This Act for women is kind of a like the wind beneath the convictions and the silent screams of justice when cases like, holding rapists accountable for their crimes at a federal offense. When a women is raped, she or he are not accountable of paying for their protection order or rape
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