Rights To The Streets Of Memphis: Character Analysis

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The dark howl of the woods, the bright yells of a city street, and the bustling streets of Paris all have one thing in common action, While some may say the characters were changed by their actions , the characters in The Necklace, The Interloper, and The Rights to the Streets of Memphis, were affected by their own actions because Ulrich and Georg came together before it was too late., Richard was too scared to face his fears, until his mom made him go , and Madame Loisel's greed for a wealthy life, unfortunately made her live a hard life. In “The Rights to the Streets of Memphis” the main character as a young boy talks about his family and the way it changed him. Richard talks about starving because his dad left and his mother unable to…show more content…
The Madame Loiselś husband later received an invitation to a magnificent ball, the Madame was despaired of this because she had nothing to wear. Madame Loisel then asked an old friend if she could borrow some jewelry for this ball, The Madame laid eyes on a beautiful diamond necklace and asked to take it right. At the ball, Madame Loisel was beautiful in her gown and necklace, but towards the end while everyone was putting on their expensive fur coats the medium left quickly so that everyone did not see her poorness. The Madame rushed through the hall and onto the streets of Paris, while trying to get a cab, she noticed that she had lost the necklace. Instead of telling her friend she kept it from her and bought another necklace and sent them into debt, but in the end the necklace the Madame had lost was fake.
In the sense of “The Interlopers” Ulrich von Gradwitz hated his neighbour Georg Znaeym from a long family feud with the Znaeym family. Instead of informing the police of Georg trespassing he took matters into his own hands and headed into the woods. When Ulrich had found georg they stood in silence, then a giant branch fell trapping both beneath. The two stuck in the woods together in the cold winter slowly went from enemies to friends, all of a sudden they
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