Rigoberta Menchu Character Analysis

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HOW DOES SHE PREPARED TO THAT? Rigoberta Menchu never went to school in her childhood because the economic resources did not give her the chance to have that kind of education, so she had an autodidact training performed by her parents, but she had a lot of opportunities to grow. RIGOBERTA’S LEADERSHIP While I was investigating who really is Rigoberta Menchu, I have realized that she is a very brave woman and worth admiring, because she simply did not remain silent before all the violence that she and her family suffered, if it had been someone else, surely, someone else would have wept for the events and they would not had done anything, I think that kind of people, like Rigoberta, is very successful in life, those who do not fear rejection and do not fear to fight to make a change in the world. For this reason and for all the facts that I analyzed, I think that the leadership of Rigoberta Menchu is…show more content…
Thanks to her movement the war, but that does not return all the victims that it left in its wake, despite that, Rigoberta Menchú said that after twenty years of signing the peace agreements, Guatemala continues to suffer "a chain of vices" as poverty , racism and discrimination. This is where I would like to cite one of her phrases "peace is not only the absence of war;" As long as there is poverty, racism, discrimination and exclusion, we can hardly reach a world of peace. She did not need followers to support, she convinced herself that she should do something for her country and the world, only that was necessary for her to make the

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