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Rigoberta Menchu never went to school in her childhood because the economic resources did not give her the chance to have that kind of education, so she had an autodidact training performed by her parents, but she had a lot of opportunities to grow.
While I was investigating who really is Rigoberta Menchu, I have realized that she is a very brave woman and worth admiring, because she simply did not remain silent before all the violence that she and her family suffered, if it had been someone else, surely, someone else would have wept for the events and they would not had done anything, I think that kind of people, like Rigoberta, is very successful in life, those who do not fear rejection
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Impunity, injustice and discrimination took everything she loved the most, and for that reason she decided to take matters into the matter, and that is when the second kind of leadership that I found, the democratic one comes in.
Rigoberta as a democratic leader
Definitely Rigoberta is a democratic leader, so she decided to get involved in politics and government, she tried to fulfill her illusion of being the first woman to preside over her country, the fifth indigenous in Latin America after the Mexicans Benito Juárez and Victoriano Huerta, but because of the lack of support has not succeeded.
However, she is the most important leader in the struggle for indigenous rights worldwide, and to this day she continues to fight against discrimination against any human being. I think she has the type of communication of a thinker, because she took a fact that affected the large part of the indigenous Mayan population in their country and in their region, this was what made her question why the government was being so oppressive , I investigate all the reasons and blame the government on the acts of violence that
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