Rikki Tikk Bloodthirsty Analysis

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Nag is a very mean snake in the story “Rikki-tikki-tavi” by Rudyard Kipling. Nag, who wants to rule his own very garden, and he is willing to kill anything that stands in his way. Nag teams up with his friend Nagaina to kill his enemy Rikki-tikki-tavi, but will he succeed? Nag proves himself to be very dangerous, bloodthirsty, and cruel snake.

First, Nag makes “a horrid sound” (18) sending Rikki-tikki soaring backwards through the air two feet. Then inch by inch the grass rose up and out showed the head of nag mouth open and ready to strike. This is why I think he is a very dangerous snake.

Then, Nag met Rikki-tikki once again. Nag was hoping that this would be the very last time. Right away he bit indeed, but did not bite quite long enough, and Rikki-tikki jumped clear of the whisking tail. Nag is a very bloodthirsty snake
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Rikki-tikki just came from the cobra nest smashing all the eggs to prevent any more snakes from coming into the garden. Nag wanted to end this once and for all. “Let us talk”(19), Nag said. You eat eggs why should I not eat birds. This is why I think nag is a very cruel snake.

In conclusion, I think that nag is a very bad snake. He is never nice to other things, especially Rikki-tikki. He really want’s everything to himself. I think that nag is a very mean snake that only thinks for himself and never anybody else and for that reason Nag is cruel, dangerous and bloodthirsty
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