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“We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Riley Beaker, who has now returned to her new home with our God” announced the priest.
Just hearing the priest commence the introductory words of the funeral started to make Grayson tear up. He knew his mother was going to be in a better place, but the bittersweet conclusion left him with one thought in the back so his head. Why did it have to be my mother?
Throughout the funeral this question replay in his mind, like the lyrics on a broken CD. When the priest started to begin the closing rites of the ceremony, it hit Grayson that she’d we gone forever. Multiple people came to comfort Grayson with gifts, inspirational bible quotes, and stories about his mother and how incredible she was.
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While Riley was driving home from work that day, she traveling at a rate of 55 mph down the interstate when a semi truck entered the lanes at which Riley was in. She tried the brakes but nothing happened, a split second later she was crashing into the eighteen wheeler. She did not have time to switch lanes. The car began to crumble as it flipped over, until it came to it resting place in the grass patch between the North and South lanes. Witnesses recalling the accident trembled from fear at what they had just saw.
After the funeral a swarm of Grayson’s family members approached him. His eyes were bloodshot red and the snuffle in his nose were signs that this was a hard time for him. He grabbed tissues to get rid of some of the evidence of him crying, because his father taught him at a young age that men do not cry. For that reason Grayson’s father James had no emotion during this melancholy event. James just sat in the pews with the thought of this funeral being over.
“Hey, I need to stop somewhere real fast. You’ll have to stay in car” James
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He was laying in his bathtub neck high filled with alcohol. All Grayson could remember from that day was seeing his father and falling to his knees in tears. The thought of his misery was almost too horrific for Grayson to think about. The doctors recall that his death was caused from an overdose of alcohol. Grayson knew that his pain and suffering was now over.
Right when Grayson found his father asleep in the bathtub he immediately called the police. He had no idea if he had passed away at the moment, and did everything in his power to try to wake him. Grayson tried shaking, yelling, and even pouring freezing water on his head from the sink. Nothing was working so he just sat on the toilet whimpering, until the ambulance arrived. After about 15 minutes of waiting they finally came and noticed multiple beer cans and wonder if it was the reason for his death. The paramedics tried to shock his heart by using the defibulators. Grayson just observed all of the actions and sobbing over the thought of his death. Finally, after the paramedics said that he was not coming back to life they would try to take him to the hospital; At that moment Grayson knew there was no
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