Riley's Emotions In The Movie Inside Out

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A part of growing up includes the realization that life is not fair and things can happen that may push and pull a person’s capabilities. This realization does not occur suddenly, but is a progress that each individual goes through. Throughout the film, this process is demonstrated through Riley’s life. While Riley is maturing throughout the film, she is also learning to balance her five main emotions. The struggle that Riley has in balancing her emotions is a part of this maturation process as it gives her an appreciation for all the emotions that she possesses. Riley experiences a growth in character by moving to San Francisco. Her mental growth is also shown when she blocks herself from feeling any emotions. The moral of the story is simple; all emotions need to be in balance for an individual to live healthy and happy. In addition to this, the film illustrates the importance of sadness because without it, one cannot experience true joy. The film, Inside Out, depicts the process of maturity that all individuals experience throughout life. A crucial part of this process is being able to balance the various emotions that…show more content…
In order to understand what happiness is, one must understand sadness because without feeling sad one cannot truly know the feeling of joy. “Watching the screen, Joy rests her head on Sadness. They’re a team” (Inside Out, 2015). The film, Inside Out, does an amazing job in depicting the crucial relationship that sadness and joy have in creating a peaceful environment. Riley goes through many ups and downs throughout the film and at the end of it we can see how she is kept grounded with the help of both sadness and joy. One cannot know joy without sadness just like one cannot know light without darkness. Although the two emotions are opposites, they complement each other because in the sadness we can find joy, just like Riley was able
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