What Are The Tenets Of Sin In Pilgrim's Progress

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Implication, Comparison and evaluation of hamartiology and Soteriology in The Rime of Ancient Mariner and Pilgrim’s Progress 4.1 Tenets of Sin in Pilgrim’s Progress and The Rime of Ancient Mariner Pilgrim’s Progress begins with the Narrator’s dream, of a man who has huge burden on his back and a book in his hand. He read something from the book tears rolls down his face, shivered subsequently and scream out loud, “What shall I do?”, “What shall I do to be saved?” [23] While The Rime of Ancient Mariner opens with three wedding guests heading toward ceremonious place, get bogged and impelled by Ancient Mariner (under the spell of his sparkling eyes) to listen his tale. The tale started with a voyage of a ship on a happy and sunny sea full of happy sailor including Ancient Mariner. Suddenly caught by giant storm that pushed the ship to southward into a frozen land full of fog. The ship got…show more content…
The sin which Bunyan want his reader to decipher is not merely the personal sins, its Original sin. By sketching the guilt without any specific delineation of sin, guilt originated and overwhelmed the Christian when he reads the Bible. He deliberately introduced the element of guilt and shame of sin that protagonist experienced by reading Bible, that not put light merely on his personal sins but reminds the sin of Adam and Eve, they perpetrated in Garden of Eden and all humanity shared that guilt of sin consequently. It is because of Original sin, which he inherited from his forefathers, compel him to commit personal sins. Since the original sin was not instinct driven (perpetrated in order to be God like), it was rebellion against god. It was due to the nature of sin, he wept and want to be rescued from his helpless involuntary impulse to rebel in the City of Destruction. When Evangelist asked the reason for he cries, He
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