Rina Polastri Case Study

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Thank you for referring Rina Polastri, a 56 year-old teacher who currently works as a Vice Principal. Rina is a non-smoker and keeps a pet cat that she has had for a number of years. Rina is generally in good health and takes no regular medications. Over the last couple of months, Rina has been aware of an uncomfortable sensation with her breathing. Specifically she reports an inability to achieve deep inhalation but is not aware of any problems with expiration. She has been noted by colleagues to deep breath at times. Rita cannot recall any infective or other cardiorespiratory symptoms at the onset of this problem. When it occurs it may last for a couple of hours and it can be present both at rest and with exertion. There are no particular patterns to the symptoms, although Rina notices it more in the morning. With the passage time there is been some improvement and over the last week, Rina has not had any impressionable symptoms. She is not aware of any reflux or sinus symptoms and there…show more content…
I note from your referral letter that haemoglobin and thyroid function tests were unremarkable. On examination today, Rina appeared well with an oxygen saturation of 99%. Chest auscultation was clear and two heart sounds were audible with nil else. Assessment: Rina’s symptoms are quite non-specific and no not point towards a specific diagnosis. She does recall having similar symptoms some 20-10 years ago in the setting of frequent bronchitis. I have therefore suggested that we perform a bronchial provocation test to definitively to exclude asthma, although admittedly her symptoms are far from typical. I have also arranged an HRCT chest scan and I will see Rina again in the next week or so. In the meantime, I have asked her to keep a logbook to monitor when the episodes are occurring and if there is any particular pattern. Thank you again for your
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