Rind's Argument Analysis

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Rind’s article was created to give readers an understanding of the Sun’s role in climate variations. The hypothesis suggested that there are multiple other climate forcing factors which work with the sun to create climate changes. Rind’s evidence presented in the paper focused on many important aspects, referring to not just modern factors which affected climate systems but also those that were present millions of years ago during the ice ages. While Rind presents information on both past and current events, she also addressed how our past ideas of how climate change worked were inaccurate. Furthermore, Rind backed up statements with several different collections of modern scientific data enabling her to compare and contrast what actually happened and what should have happened. My opinion towards Rind’s article is positive, she backs up each claim with reliable scientific data and expresses each climate forcing factor accurately while continuing to reference how those 5 factors influence the energy coming to earth from the sun.…show more content…
In contrast, her article would not be as helpful for readers with no background in climate change, I have previously taken several courses which provided me the necessary knowledge to understand the information presented on the datasets and diagrams, other readers may be unable to do
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