Riordan Scholars Program: Personal Narrative Analysis

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I would start off by stating that this is my second attempt at trying to get into the Riordan Scholars Program. Last year I tried,but unfortunately you guys didn 't get the transcript. From the response that I got when I was told that I wasn 't invited,it seemed as if you guys were trying sort of inviting me back to the program. Like I stated before this is my second attempt at trying to get in. As much as I hate to face it,I live in an inner city. Over the years,I came to see life in the inner city as a challenge. I see myself as the very few,who embraces any type of challenge that is thrown at thrown at them. There is this one quote that really matches the way I deal with challenges. The quote is "Don 't limit your challenges,challenge your limits." The reason for why I really like this quote is because for me challenges make a man stronger. I feel as if growing up in an inner city has made me a strong person,over the years that I have lived here. The reality is that life in the inner city is just one challenge,and it seems as if life for many people becomes more challenging as time passes by. NBA player Jabari Parker said,"It doesn 't get any easier,but I will get stronger." Once again,I see challenges as a way of getting stronger.…show more content…
When I first started kindergarden a decade ago,my education experience didn 't get off to a good start. First of all,I was not very talkative,paid little to no attention in class. Pretty much I didn 't participate at all. As a result,my kindergarden report card did not come out looking well. As much as I hate to say it,but it was the same thing for first,second,and third grade. I consistently struggled in class,I was still stuck in the maturation process. For me the biggest turning point came in fourth
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