Riots In Los Angeles Essay

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The riots in Los Angeles (LA) happened in the year of 1992. However, the cause of the riots did not occur, until the year of 1991. On March 31, 1991, three policies officers brutally beat Rodney King an African American Man. Before the police officers had brutally beaten King, they had a high-speed chase with King and he resented arrest. The three police officers who beat Rodney King were, Laurence Powell, Theodore Briceno, and Timothy Wind. During the beating a man who was standing on his property recorded the police officers beating Rodney King. The video is eighty-nine seconds long and in the video, it has the police beating King with batons and kicking him after he was incapable of resisting arrest. The riots started on April 29, 1992,…show more content…
The riots in Charlotte, started with a peaceful protest for a man who was shot by the police. However, just like with the peaceful protest that started in Los Angeles, people became violent and started to loot block highways and injure others. The Charlotte police who are trained to handle rioters, started to use tear gas, and other forms of excessive force to stop the violence. After, some peaceful protesters complained about the treatment police officers were restrained from using the objects on peaceful protesters. In both riots there was a city-wide curfew for people to be in the house by. The riots might have both been a result of a video being released to the public, but there are still different between how fast the riots happened. In the LA riots, it did not happen, until after the verdict of the police officers. In the Charlotte riots, it happened four hours after the video was scene and violence began in Charlotte. The ways both events could have been avoided is stopping thinking through the process and trying to find an alternative way to handle the situation. For example, in the King case the police should have stopped, after realizing he was no longer resisting and only one officer was needed to arrest him. Also, in the case of Scott the police should have talked to the woman with the camera and ask her to get Scott to submit. In Conclusion, the riots in Charlotte and LA were both terrible and
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