Riots: The Boston Massacre

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A riot has just broke out in downtown Boston! It all started when a local barbershop owner, who’s name is Mr. Qwerty, made fun of a British official. That was when all of the other colonists went on a even bigger riot and started pushing and shoving the British soldiers. One of the soldiers got pushed over; and when he fell, his brand new, never before used musket fired killing someone. During that riot, five people were killed including a man who led the riot who goes by the name of Crispus Attucks who was an African American dockworker. Crispus and the four other men were all buried in one grave in the Boston graveyard. The British soldiers are now on trial to see if they are guilty of 5th degree murder. The British soldiers have all been saying that the shooting was all in self defense; but the Colonists said that the British did it on purpose, and that they were just innocent bystanders. A new engraving was made, and it depicts what the Patriots are saying happened a few weeks earlier. It is called the Boston Massacre. Nobody in our colonies or in Europe knows what happened except for the people who were there. The trial was scheduled to end three days ago, but it just kept on going. Right now they are still…show more content…
Today all of our great leaders are gathering at the center of our great colonies to write the Declaration of Independence, so we can be a free nation. It will bring us to war with the British forces. They all decided on 5 different people and those who they chose were 1. Benjamin Franklin, 2. John Adams, 3. Roger Sherman, 4. Robert Livingston, and 5. Thomas Jefferson. All of them except Thomas Jefferson couldn’t make it today, so they chose Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration. They are sending the Declaration of Independence to King George
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