Riparian Zone Research Paper

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Riparian zones can be beneficial to the community and should not be removed at Welcome Park because they are important in a park 's ecosystem and teaches one about how they are positive influence in a nature trail. A riparian zone is the part between where the land and the stream or river meets. Riparian zones can be found everywhere wherever there 's a body of water. These areas play many roles in our environments, communities, and in nature. These zones provide important habitat for many endangered, threatened species, and other wildlife and plants. These zones harbor the most exotic ecosystems, they are generally the smallest areas on any landscape but the species that live in these small areas hold the most diversity. They are productive and have a high diverse habitat for wildlife. Not only are these areas good for biotic factors but also abiotic, such as the soil. Since riparian areas are low areas in a landscape, groundwater is usually nearer to the surface leaving the soil rich in organic matter. With the soil being rich it give off enough nutrients making the soil healthy for plant growth. Riparian zones are known to be nutrient rich ecosystems because of their water flow. Riparian areas can help the community and many ways as well. They may help control nonpoint source pollution by holding and using nutrients and reducing…show more content…
When conducting a nature trail it is important to consist showing others the riparian zone. These areas can help one understand its role in the environment and the community. It can be very influential by teaching students or anyone who attends a nature trail about its positive influences. It can also help anyone learn about all of its biodiversity in the small area it has and how the species who live there pay a major part in the environment and community. Most importantly it can inform many people about the safeness it has towards the community we live in and how it is important we as humans do not affect the riparian

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