Ripas Hospital Case Study

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The purpose of this study is to find out what can be done to enhance the quality of services and satisfy patients of Accidents and Emergency Department (AE Dept.) in RIPAS Hospital, Brunei Darussalam. The research objective is to determine actions and to assess the health care services provided the department in order to help attain high quality level and excellence. Research questions will serve as a guideline to understand how good quality services can lead to positive consumer satisfaction and how understanding patients’ expectation and motivation for medical care in the AE Department may lead to maximizing consumer satisfaction. In this regard, a framework known as SERVQUAL model, among several other tools of measuring service
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- To find the source of problem and to find solutions to help improve service quality and satisfaction among the consumers.
The objective of this research is to determine how to assess the healthcare services provided by the accident & emergency department in RIPAS Hospital in order to help attain excellent quality level of services.
Below are the research questions that could assist this research study in order to achieve the
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It was shown that health sector’s consumers (whether they are directly or indirectly affected) satisfaction is highly associated with service outcomes. The quality of services provided is the main influence of successful service provider. Positive feedbacks are usually due to good service quality and more service options. While negative feedbacks are mostly due to bad service experience that did not meet their expectations.
“The fact that consumer service expectations in healthcare organization are high poses a serious challenge for healthcare providers as they want to make exceptional impression on every customer,” (Nabil, 2003). Health sectors are intensely competitive to offer better quality of services to constantly meet the increasing expectations of consumers. Instead of just imposing market orientation, healthcare organizations should as well adopt consumer orientation philosophy as this can help them understand the internal and external needs of their consumers to better manage and improve their services (Shahin,

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