Riptide: A Short Story

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Near the island of Kauai, lived a beautiful water nymph, Riptide. Riptide was an extremely curious nymph, and she loved to watch the humans who inhabited the island, but the ones that aroused her interest the most were the surfers. She loved to watch them, and became mainly attracted in one boy, a talented, and attractive, surfer named Jason. Soon Riptide found herself unable to stay away from him, and spend her hours watching him surf and go about his daily life.
One sunny afternoon, as Riptide was watching him, Jason caught an unlucky wave and was thrown into rocks. Riptide quickly saved him and brought him to a small beach. When he awoke, he was shocked. He thanked her and declared he had never seen a more beautiful being. This statement
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I’ll see you tomorrow!” She shouted gleefully. Jason shrugged
“Er… yea, sure” he said half-heartedly, then walked out. Riptide blissfully watched him go, not realizing what had just happened.
The next day, Riptide felt like she couldn 't get to the beach to see Jason fast enough. But when she arrived, she froze in her tracks. There Jason was, sitting in a yacht- brand new bought with part of his new fortune from Riptide- with a human girl, his arm draped around her. Riptide was hit with a sudden realization, that humans were greedy and selfish, and would do anything for wealth. She left the beach, enraged, hurt, and confused. She decided she wasn 't going to let Jason get away with this. Riptide soon devised a plan, to punish Jason using one of the things he loved the most; the waves. She lurked in the shadows of the ocean, waiting for the opportune moment. Soon she spotted Jason standing just a few feet away from the shore, in the water. She glided into a wave, riding it to where Jason was standing, then just as it hit the shore she grabbed his foot, pulling him down, and out to the deep of the ocean. Jason was flailing wildly as Riptide dragged him out into the ocean and down, before she let go, knowing he had no chance at
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